Inca Grey Magellan

Mid Silver Grey Huacaya Stud - UKBAS34294

Date of Birth: 12th July 2018
Name of Sire: Surtierra Shadow (Solid Black)

Name of Dam: Inca Grey Icebreaker (Mid Silver Grey)

2021 Stud fees:

  • Drive By: £650

  • Mobile*: £650

  • On Farm: n/a

* Mileage charged for mobile servicing.
All prices exclude VAT

Prizes Won:

2019 SWAG Somerset County Show - 2nd Huacaya Intermediate Male Grey

Fleece Statistics:

2019 - First Fleece

AFD:  19.1µ     SD:  4.6µ      CV:  23.8%         %>30:  2.4%  

%<15: 11.6%     CF:  97.6%     SL:  155mm     Yield: 3kg

Testing Authority: Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing

2020 - Second Fleece

AFD:  18.9µ     SD:  4.1µ      CV:  21.9%         %>30:  1.2%  

%<15: 12.6%     CF:  98.8%     SL:  110mm     Yield: 3.7kg

Testing Authority: Art of Fibre

Inca Grey Magellan is an exciting young stud male. He has been bred from the 2019 BAS National Champion Grey Female - Inca Grey Icebreaker (a Wyona Sunset Boulevard daughter out of a Cedar House Long John Daughter) and the renowned sire Surtierra Shadow of the Inca and Redens herds. 

Magellan is a macho, well conformed male with great strength and balance. He has great substance of bone, breadth of chest, and a handsome, desirable head type. He is a super long stapled male with uniform colour throughout. He sports a stylish fleece of good character where each staple is bright, well aligned, and soft handling.

We are very excited to have this young male working for us. He has already started his stud career and we look forward to seeing his progeny is 2021. 

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