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Inca Grey Magellan

Mid Silver Grey Huacaya Stud - UKBAS34294

Date of Birth: 12th July 2018
Name of Sire: Surtierra Shadow (Solid Black)

Name of Dam: Inca Grey Icebreaker (Mid Silver Grey)

Stud fees:

  • Drive By: £550

  • Mobile*:   £650

  • On Farm: n/a

* Mileage charged for mobile servicing.
All prices exclude VAT

Prizes Won:

2020 Yorkshire Fleece Show - Reserve Champion Grey Fleece & 1st Huacaya Grey Fleece 12-24 Months

2020 HoE Autumn Fleece Show - 1st Huacaya Grey Fleece 12-24 Months

2020 SWAG Fleece Show - 3rd Huacaya Grey Fleece 12-24 Months

2019 SWAG Somerset County Show - 2nd Huacaya Intermediate Male Grey

Fleece Statistics:

2019 - First Fleece

AFD:  19.1µ     SD:  4.6µ      CV:  23.8%         %>30:  2.4%  

%<15: 11.6%     CF:  97.6%     SL:  155mm     Yield: 3kg

Testing Authority: Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing

2020 - Second Fleece

AFD:  18.9µ     SD:  4.1µ      CV:  21.9%         %>30:  1.2%  

%<15: 12.6%     CF:  98.8%     SL:  110mm     Yield: 4.7kg

Testing Authority: Art of Fibre

2022 - Fourth Fleece

AFD:  19.5µ     SD:  4.4µ      CV:  22.8%         %>30:  3%  

%<15: 7.7%     CF:  97%     SL:  105mm     Yield: 5.3kg

Testing Authority: Art of Fibre

Genetic Colour: Ee/aa/Mm

Tested by Neogen


Magellan's second fleece at eight month's growth. 

Inca Grey Magellan is a championship winning silver grey male who is available for outside stud services. He is a son of Surtierra Shadow of Inca, an Australian import who has sired many championship winning cria and continues to be a highly influential herdsire at Inca Alpacas. Magellan’s dam is a multi-championship winning grey female, Inca Grey Icebreaker, is a Wyona Sunset Boulevard daughter (out of a Cedar House Long John daughter) who continues to be an integral part of the grey breeding programme at Inca. Magellan is producing some great cria and has been a great asset to our breeding programme.

The fleece on this male is a beautifully bright mid silver grey colour with a silky soft handle. He produces stylish finger width staples that are above average in both density and length. The consistency of micron across his blanket and the longevity of fineness of this male is exceptional. There was only a 0.4 micron increase between his first and fourth fleece! As you can see in his photos, he has very little guard hair and carries exceptional fleece length on his neck. 

Conformationally, Inca Grey Magellan is a sight to behold! He stands on a large frame but is well proportioned and correctly conformed. He has a dashingly handsome true to type head, correct bite, massive substance of bone, and excellent coverage on his extremities. He has a calm and relaxed disposition, making him a pleasure to work with despite his large size. These are all strong genetic traits that he passes on to his cria as they all clearly bear his stamp. His cria are strong at birth, are quick to stand and feed, and have his laid-back disposition. 

Overall, Magellan has been, and will continue to be, a real asset to our grey and black breeding programmes. He has proven himself a very useful male in improving conformation, substance of bone, head type, fineness, and handle to his cria.  


We look forward to bringing his cria to the show ring!



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