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C-S Jack The Lad

Mid Fawn Huacaya Stud - UKBAS35164

Date of Birth: 23/05/2017

Name of Sire: Bozedown Neo (Light Fawn)

Name of Dam: Alpaca Stud Jewell (Mid Fawn)

Stud Fees:

Drive By (our farm) : £600

Mobile Mating (your farm) : £700

** Mileage charged for mobile servicing. All prices exclude VAT **

Jack the Lad pictured at age 7 (with wet legs.)

Prizes Won:

2018 HoEAG Spring Alpaca Fiesta - 1st Huacaya Junior Fawn Male

2018 HoEAG Autumn Fleece Show - Champion Fawn Huacaya Fleece & 1st Huacaya Fawn Fleece 6-12 months

2018 Midlands Championship - 3rd Huacaya Intermediate Fawn Male

2019 HoEAG Spring Alpaca Fiesta - 4th Huacaya Intermediate Fawn Male

2019 HoEAG Autumn Fleece Show - 1st Huacaya Fawn Fleece 12-24 months

2020 HoEAG Autumn Fleece Show - 2nd Huacaya Fawn Fleece 24-48 months

2021 HoEAG Autumn Fleece Show - 3rd Huacaya Fawn Fleece 24-48 months (could remove this one is too crowded)

Fleece Statistics:

2020 - Third Fleece

AFD: 20.6    SD: 3.8    CV: 18.6%    %>30: 1.7%    CF: 98.3%

%<15: 1.2%    CEM: 7.8mic     CRV: 42.1Dg/mm    SL: 110mm

Testing Authority: Art of Fibre


2022 - Fifth Fleece

AFD: 22.7    SD: 4.1    CV: 18.3%    %>30: 4.6%    CF: 95.4%

%<15: 0.7%    CEM: 8.1mic     CRV: 41.4Dg/mm    SL: 95mm

Testing Authority: Art of Fibre

Genetic colour code: Ee/Aa

C-S Alpacas Jack the Lad is a championship winning light fawn who is available for outside stud services. He is son of  Bozedown Neo, an influential grandson of Talisman of Bozedown. Jack the Lads dam is Alpaca Stud Jewell, a highly influential elite female from the C-S Alpacas herd. We're very excited to add Jack the Lad to our roster of Stud males. 


Jacks fleece is a exceptionally soft handle due to his remarkably uniform fibre. The consistency of micron across his blanket and the longevity of fineness of this male is remarkable. Furthermore, the primary fibres on this male are exceptionally thin -  a quality of which he has inherited from his dam. 

Jack the Lad stands on a correct, robust frame with great presence. He has a true to type head with a correct bite, and great substance of bone. His cria are exceptionally fine and uniform in micron, and are his spitting image conformationally, with sound frame. His cria are quick to stand on their feet and to feed and also have his trademark fluffy fringe ears!

Jack the Lad brings new genetics and qualities to our colour breeding program. We expect him to improve conformation, substance of bone, head type, fineness, and handle to his cria.  

We are looking forward to bringing his cria to the show ring!

About C-S Jack the Lad

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