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Sales Info & Policies

Buying From Us


- We strive to sell happy, healthy alpacas. All alpacas will come with full husbandry records. If you are looking to insure your animals, we can provide a Certificate of Health upon request. 

- All sold animals will be Enferplex blood tested for bTB before delivery at no additional cost. We feel conducting a current bTB test is an important biosecurity measure for both ourselves and for our customers. Read about our biosecurity standards and practices here

- Mainland UK delivery is included in every purchase. 

- Please note that all prices are subject to VAT at 20%.


Buying Breeding Animals

- We are happy to share as much information on our breeding stock as we have. This would include photos, performance history, and fibre details from the alpaca's ancestors, progeny, and siblings. 

- Pregnant females will come with a certificate of mating, information on the covering sire, and confirmation of pregnancy via ultrasound. We offer a live birth guarantee with every pregnant female up to a limit of three months of age. If the female should lose the pregnancy or the cria perish due to natural cause before that time, we will re-mate as soon as is mutually convenient at no cost. 

- Unproven stud males came with a fertility guarantee. 


Buying Pets

- New to alpacas? We would love to introduce you to these wonderful animals. If you need any advice or assistance in making preparations to start keeping alpacas as pets, we are happy to help! You can find some information here to get you started.

- Alpacas should not be kept in groups fewer than 3. They are herd animals and need to be kept in a herd. We are happy to sell individual pets to people who already own alpacas and would like to increase their numbers. Otherwise, we will need to sell a group of three pets to ensure the welfare of the alpacas. 

- All pet males sold will either be castrated or listed as Non-Breeding animals within the British Alpaca Society. We halter train all our male alpacas, so pet boys will be halter trained unless otherwise noted.


- On occasion, we also sell females as pets when they are not appropriate for breeding. These females will be listed as Non-Breeding animals within the British Alpaca Society. These females may or may not be halter trained, but they can of course be taught. 

- Older breeding females in need of retirement will occasionally be offered as pets at no cost. We strive to place retirees in homes that are prepared to offer geriatric care. These females may or may not be halter trained, but they can of course be taught. 



- Whether you have bought breeding animals or pets from us, we offer support to all of our clients. We are happy to offer advice or consult whenever needed. 

- We like to see how our sold animals get on, so we'd love to keep in touch! 

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