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Hit For Six Alpaca

Genetic Colour: EE/aa
Tested by Neogen

Beck Brow Hit for Six


Solid Dark Brown Huacaya Stud - UKBAS35703

Date of Birth: 3rd June 2018

Name of Sire: Gilt Edge Samurai of BBW (Solid Dark Fawn)
Name of Dam: Bozedown Campari (Solid Mid Brown)

Stud fees:

  • Drive By (Our Farm): £650

  • Mobile (Your Farm):  £750**

** Mileage charged for mobile servicing.
All prices exclude VAT **

Individual Prizes Won:

2020 Northern Fleece Show - Champion Brown Fleece & 1st Huacaya Brown Fleece 12-48 Months (Score 83)

2019 Westmorland County Halter Show - Champion Huacaya Brown Male & 1st Huacaya Intermediate Male - Brown

2019 Scottish Alpaca Championship - Champion Huacaya Brown Male & 1st Huacaya Junior Male - Brown

2019 Northumberland County Show - Champion Huacaya Brown Male & 1st Huacaya Junior Male - Brown

2019 Somerset Fleece Show - 1st Huacaya Brown Fleece 6-12 Months

2019 Midlands Championship - 2nd Huacaya Intermediate Male - Brown

2019 Northern Fleece Show - 2nd Huacaya Brown Fleece 6-12 Months

2019 NWAG Alpaca Championship - 4th Huacaya Junior Male - Brown

Hit For Six Alpaca

Third fleece at six month's growth.

Hit For Six Alpaca

Second Fleece and Its Winnings

Fleece Statistics:

2019 - First Fleece

AFD:  18.6µ    SD: 4.3µ    CV: 22.9%     %>30: 1.4%    CF: 98.6%

Testing Authority: AAFT

2020 - Second Fleece

AFD:  20.3µ    SD:  4.1µ    CV:  20.3%    %>30:  2.3%   CF: 97.7%

%<15: 4.3%    CEM:  8.3µ   CRV:  43Dg/mm    SL:  90mm    

Testing Authority: Art of Fibre

2022 - Fourth Fleece

AFD:  22.8µ    SD:  4.5µ    CV:  19.9%    %>30:  5.8%   CF: 94.2%

%<15: 2.2%    CEM:  8.7µ    CRV:  36.4Dg/mm    SL:  97mm    

Testing Authority: Art of Fibre

2023 - Fifth Fleece

AFD:  21.7µ    SD:  4.4µ    CV:  20.3%    %>30:  4.1%   CF: 95.9%

%<15: 1.4%    CEM:  8.9µ    CRV:  40.6Dg/mm    SL:  87mm    

Testing Authority: Art of Fibre

Beck Brow Hit For Six is a multi-championship winning brown male who is available for outside stud services. He is a son of Gilt Edge Samurai of Beck Brow, an Australian import who has sired many championship winning cria and continues to be a highly influential herdsire at Beck Brow Alpaca. Hit For Six shares the same elite dam, Bozedown Campari, with his highly successful half-brothers Beck Brow On The Money, Beck Brow Back Of The Net, Beck Brow Touchdown, and Beck Brow Ready Or Not. 

The fleece on this male is really exciting! He is sporting a stylish and fine, deep chocolate brown fleece with a phenomenal amount of density. His fibres are really well aligned and create well organized, tightly packed, pencil-width staples all across his blanket and beyond. The curvature on his fleece has a very deep amplitude. As you can see in his photos, he has very little guard hair, carries a good fleece length on his neck, and good coverage on his head and legs. 

Conformationally, Hit For Six does not disappoint either. He is a correctly conformed, compact male who makes an impact with his balanced frame, great substance of bone, and true to type head. He has a calm and relaxed disposition, making him a pleasure to work with. These are all strong genetic traits that he passes on to his cria as they all clearly bear his stamp in temperament, conformation, and fleece characteristics. His cria are strong at birth, being quick to stand and feed. 

Genetically, Hit For Six has been colour tested by Neogen as being EE/aa in colour. This means that, despite being brown, he is genetically very very dark. He is incapable of producing fawn colour when being bred to black alpacas, and he is incapable of producing a white from any colour. He will always darken or match the dam’s colour. 

Overall, Hit For Six has been, and will continue to be, a real asset to our breeding programme. He has proven himself a very useful male in improving overall quality and density whilst providing the depth of colour that we have been looking for in our coloured, black, and grey breeding programmes.

We have had some phenomenal cria from him and look forward to seeing many more!

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