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Here at Capital Alpaca we have two exciting machos available for stud, both offering very different qualities, but together they can produce a full spectrum of colour from white to black (and hopefully grey!). Below you can find information on our stud services offered, biosecurity practices, and service policies. 

Biosecurity Protocols -


We maintain strict biosecurity protocols to protect both our herd and our clients' alpacas. Our farm is equipped with badger proof fencing around the entire perimeter of the property, a quarantine field with an accompanying quarantine barn, and we will soon be adding a wheel disincentive dip for vehicles coming on site. Visitors are kindly asked to clean and disinfect their footwear at our disinfection station. Visiting alpacas are walked across a disinfective matt upon entry to the property, and whilst on site are kept in the quarantine barn and/or field. Matings will be conducted with both male and female wearing a spit mask for added protection.

For those bringing their animals to our farm, we expect total transparency regarding movement, contact, and health information from all herds applying for mating services from our males. We would prefer the client to use their own male for spit-off purposes if possible.


Stud Services Offered:


Drive By Mating –

Clients wishing to bring their females to our farm are welcome to do so. However, we request that the client respects our biosecurity protocols. All visitors will need to clean and disinfect their footwear. When the female arrives she will wall across a disinfected matt and will be penned and mated within our quarantine facility and leave immediately after. Spit masks will be worn during mating.


Mobile Mating –

We offer a mobile mating service to clients within a 100 mile radius of the farm who practice strong biosecurity measures. Females must be penned and ready prior to our arrival. A clean and disinfected area must be available to use for mating. Spit masks will be worn during mating. Mileage is charged for mobile servicing. We do not combine multiple farm visits for our studs in one day, so we do not combine mileage.


On Farm Mating –

We are not currently offering On Farm Mating.



Stud Service Policies – 


We work closely with the clients to achieve a smooth pregnancy and set the visiting schedules around the cycles but reserve the right to recommend other options to progress the process should pregnancy prove elusive.

We offer a live birth guarantee with every mating up to a limit of three months of age. If you should lose the cria for any reason before that time we will re-mate as soon as is mutually convenient at no cost.

We do not currently lease our stud males.

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